FLOW Business Solution Technical Services

Our goal at “Flow” is to provide your business a platform that is perfect for YOUR needs, not a ONE-SIZE fits all website solution.

We will guide you through the steps necessary to launch your personalized version of FLOW. This is a team effort, so your involvement is crucial to the success of FLOW satisfying your business needs.

Our team will:

  1. Coach you through the process of gathering your Business Requirements. These are the business needs that FLOW addresses and satisfies when it is deployed to you. If you have a need that is not directly satisfied by FLOW, we will discuss that and guide you into the correct answer to that need.
  2. Explain to you in business terms how FLOW will satisfy your needs.
  3. Confirm with you through testing that FLOW functions as we said it would
  4. Train you and your team to successfully use FLOW as it is designed to be used.
  5. Train you and your team on how to use the maintenance support that is provided to you.