FLOW Business Startup Coaching

Do you need help starting your new business? Business Coaching is available to guide you through the business startup process so that you experience a successful business launch. Our services include but are not limited to:

  1. Defining and Documenting your Dream – This provides you with the reason you are in business. This will change over time, but it is important to have a documented goal as you get started.
  2. Creating a Business Plan – There are numerous pieces to the Business Plan Puzzle, which creates your approach to success. This will also change over time, but it is important to visualize what your success will look like on paper.
  3. Registering your Business – This includes state and federal registration requirements.
  4. Strategic Marketing Plans and Execution – Marketing needs to be approached strategically as opposed to just tactically. We will guide you through the process of defining your market, reaching your market, and satisfying them with your unique product or service.,
  5. Operating Plans – This puts details on the Business Plan to assure that you have a smooth- running operation, with flexibilities in all the right places.
  6. Customer Support – You are only as successful as your customers feel valued by your team.
  7. Time Management – As you get started, there will be more demands on your time, than there will be hours available to carry them out. We will coach you into realizing the most effective use of your time and, if you have employees, the most effective use of their time.
  8. Leadership training – As the business owner, you are the leader. Even if you start as a business of one, you need to lead yourself as you are the face and initially, the entirely of your business. As employees are added, you are the business to those you bring on to help you be successful.