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Employee Leadership Training for Established Businesses

Business Leaders are only as successful as those who report to them. Give your management team an Employee Leadership boost.

Steven Turner is available for speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars to build Employee Leadership Skills for your business leaders. Learn the value of developing a leader’s “inner circle” so he or she has a winning team supporting them.

Customized training is available to “close the gap” based on needs following speaking, workshops or seminars.

Employee Leadership Training for Individuals, Small and Scaling Business Leaders

Are you in a position where you manage employees? Or, are you desiring to be promoted into a Management/Leadership role but would like to be more equipped when the opportunity arrives?

Being in a leadership position will require you to develop your employees into an “inner circle” team that functions as a coordinated unit.

“Management Conversations with Steve Turner” is a podcast style audio series that will provide the skills you need to feel empowered and comfortable in your role as an Employee Leader. Benefit from training that resulted from a 35-year successful management career in one of America’s most respected companies. We will walk you through principles that will lead you to become the most effective leader you can be! Invest in your future!

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Business Coaching for the Present and the Future

Experienced Business Coaching is available to guide you thru all phases of starting or expanding your business and tailored to your individual requirements. Services offered, but not limited to:

  • Steps to starting a business
  • Business plans
  • Marketing training and support
  • Employee relations
  • Management training
  • Current business practices evaluations
  • Ongoing business coaching to help you through the ebbs/flows of business cycles
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Business Services Suite

• Our clients will have access to a wide range of specialized business services experts in different fields. Options include:

  • Legal Services for Business Start-Ups
  • Customized Business Growth Strategy and Support
  • Exit Strategy
  • Expense Reduction Strategy
  • Patent Filing
  • Human Resources
  • Business Broker
  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Virtual Bookkeeper
  • Start a Networking Group
  • Digital Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management

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Products Broker Specialist

Generating RESIDUAL INCOME is one of the best long-term strategies to experience financial freedom. Let us show you how to improve your current business results by incorporating an additional revenue generating opportunity. Give us one hour of your time and we will introduce you to a brand-new income stream for your business.

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State of the art E-Commerce Platform with full AFFILIATES sales tracking capabilities

  • E-commerce platform customizable to meet your business needs
  • Fully integrated Affiliates program platform customizable to meet your business model Including:
    • User Friendly interfaces
    • Affiliate’s individual URL
    • Affiliate’s integrated back-office
    • Customizable multi-level commissions structure
    • Integrated Support platform to facilitate issues processing and customer interactions
    • On-going technical support for both customizations and daily business support
    • Graphic design assistance for Website image designs, LOGO, etc.
    • On-going Technical development and support

Story on how our Affiliate Tracking Platform started

When the time came to launch our Ladies Apparel business, Legginggirl.com, to the affiliates direct sales market, it became increasingly clear that finding the right platform to run our business was quite a challenge. Well known platforms such as Shopify did not have the Affiliate tracking capabilities we required; other platforms’ prices were too expensive for a startup business. In our search, we found a platform that on the surface seemed to have all the capabilities we were looking for. The price seemed right, and the functionality appeared to meet all our needs

Starting with the 3rd party platform was quite easy. Their price structure was very appealing, and their salesperson was wonderful at helping us get started. Their plans start at $10 per month and the top tear plan is approximately $130.00 per month. This sounded wonderful!

As our business grew rapidly to over 1000 affiliates in less than 4 months, we realized what we thought was a great deal for us, became an insurmountable challenge!

The catch with the third-party platform:

  1. The Back-office provided for Affiliates had extremely limited information, therefore Affiliates were forced to constantly email the company for detailed information on their sales and on the sub-affiliates that had signed up under them. This added a high level of overhead to our business.
  2. The speed of the website for any back-office activity was painstakingly slow! Again, adding many hours of required back office support, thus cost to our operation.
  3. The support was very friendly, however almost always unable to satisfy any request that required some technical insight. Producing the simple orders reports that Affiliates were asking for was impossible. They simply recommended we hire one of their programmers, at an additional cost to us.
  4. BUT THE BIGGEST ISSUE WAS BANDWIDTH!! As our business grew, the additional monthly charges due to “BANDWIDTH OVERAGES” grew in four months to close to $800.00, so our planned monthly payment of $135.00 became close to $900.00/month. Bandwidth charges were impossible to prove or disprove, they were simply charged to our account. After researching this, we learned that bandwidth does not really cost that much money and that this was just an ever-growing “black hole” impossible to avoid if we remained using this service.
  5. We faced the reality that if our business continued to grow at the same pace, in a very short period, we would be paying USD$10,000.00 per month just on bandwidth overages. Truly unsustainable!

For all these reasons, we decided to build a State-of-the-Art website that included all we needed to support a rapidly growing Affiliates business.

Our model is quite simple; provide a Website that supports all the individual needs of your business. We customized this website to meet our needs, and WE WILL CUSTOMIZE IT TO MEET YOURS! We have joined forces with an exceptionally talented and flexible technical team who will listen to your business needs and customize the solution to meet YOUR business goals. We assure you that our tech team will ALWAYS exceed your expectations!

We will tailor our services to include only those that fit your needs.

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